Gain Instant Clarity. Spark Your Creativity. Boost Your Productivity.

Gainstorming is a simple technique designed to instantly catapult your brain into a natural, productive thinking mode.

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The Secret To Switching On Your Creative Brain Is Easier Than You Think.

Whether by yourself or in a group, the Gainstorming model gives you a clear path to vision, ideas, and solutions.

Course 1: Gainstorming for You

In this course you will learn how to use the Gainstorming model for yourself, when you need:

  • To gain instant focus & clarity
  • Inspired thinking
  • Super-fast insights (in as little as ten minutes)
  • A clear thinking-journey with a natural beginning, middle, and end
  • A fun, flexible thinking tool you can use anytime, anywhere
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Course 2: Gainstorming for Groups


  • Enthusiastic contribution
  • Enhanced collaborative spirit
  • Sharper focus, broader perspective
  • Stronger group ownership of the aha’s and ideas you collectively uncover
  • New energy to propel everyone into action after your session

Course 3: Gainstorming for Business


Course 4: Gainstorming for Facilitators


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Open up a whole new world of unlocking your brain and gaining creative insights in just minutes with this remarkable thinking tool.


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